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Development Cycle

Recurrent Neural Networks is the basis we use for full incoming data refubrishing. It means that we process and re-structure manufacturers info based on algorithms which decode the incoming data and bring it to the platform standards automatically. Our development team teaches Unique Artificail Intelligence to refine Google requests in the smartest way and identify wesbite search together with trafic quality evaluation. All this let us accelerate data processing, boost SEO and have the lowest return rate in the industry.

We offer a client three major ways to locate a product at the platform: by brand, by product, by Make Model Year. Add to that the ability of catalog to sell products by size, as universal, by vehicle type (i.e. truck, SUV, etc.) or by unit type (i.e. engine specific, transmission specific, etc.). Such 3D catalog structure increases the chance to find the correct item within minimum amount of clicks driving the client to the shopping cart faster. On top of that a combination of all three parameters helps us create landing pages to satisfy billions of search requests, causing dynamic annual free traffic growth.

Propietary anti-scraping and anti-parsing system keeps the e-Commerce platrfom protected 24/7 against any data leakage including both clinets’ and manufacturers’ data. We are able to set any platform as a private network, so there is no connetcion whatsoever to any other customer on the hosting company. On top of that we run scheduled automated security audit of data transferring channels.

We offer mupltiple complex solutions targeted to improve work with Vendors including, but not limited to: Vendor info auto valifation, Automatic product structure generator, immediate price update (may occur up to 4 times a day depending on catalog volume), immediate inventory settings update (may occur on hourly basis depending on capability of info provider), and VendorNet module for immediate interaction between vendor, client and markertplace. Moreover, we’ve developed tools for effective cooperation with body shops naming Shop by Job Type service and Top Installer service (both aimed to ease product installation on a vehicle).

At Oltis everything starts with an idea and then moves on to database architecture, UX/UI design, unit testing, development, testing, manufacturers’ data and media re-fubrishing, further catalog integration into CRM, processing data through billing & shipping systems, and, ultimately, customer service.

Perimeter of the payment processing system is isolated from the rest of the systems and has a dedicated firewall with its own service access policy. This cluster is PCI DSS certified. All agents, including content managers, sales representatives, and technical support, have access to a dedicated cluster of the website admin area only, where rights and actions of the users are limited and controlled.

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