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We create extensive e-commerce projects with multi-million traffic. From data processing and DB structure, to SEO optimization and UX/UI architecture, to shipping and payment systems, we cover all areas to ensure your investment works for you.

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We offer complex solutions towards ultimate catalog transformation regardless of its size and complexity. Have a dream to build a marketplace — not a problem, it is a future you are just one step from.

Full catalog audit (i.e. data processing, layout UX, trends and SEO analysis, data protection and IT operations security, SEM QA, etc.).
Offer three-level catalog upgrade including:
L1. Catalog architecture & smart data processing
L2. SEM full optimization
L3. Marketplace maintenance step-by-step protocol
Develop detailed ‘website to marketplace’ transformation plan
Challenge current security operations (hack attack simulations, security protocols QA, etc.).

To transform your website to a marketplace and bring your business to absolutely new level, we offer unique solutions:

3D structure for easy product location among thousands you sell.
Full data refurbishing based on AI & RNN algorithms helps process any incoming data regardless of its quantity and quality.
Unique design starting from photo & video contents development up to building recognisable marketplace design.
Complex SEM solutions guarantee dynamic free traffic annual growth with average potential of +30%.
Multi-warehouse and multi-vendor delivery solutions. We can configure the fastest for the customer and the cheapest for the business shipping scenario.
Full cycle from idea to its development and maintenance - the entire flow subordinates one logic, project sustains synergy, as a benefit less bugs.

Platform Features

Shopping Cart

The system processes 10 thousand
transactions daily

Authorized users can
apply coupon codes
and discounts

The ability to restrict the sale of
selected product types or brands
to selected countries/states

Holiday discounts
are available

Payment System

Integration with banks,
ERP and CRM systems

Multiple ways to pay such as Visa, MC, PayPal, Amazon and Apple Pay

Integration with financing
systems (Affirm)

Anti Fraud system based on
Visa 3D Secure service


The system allows the user to
select the fastest or the cheapest
delivery method

The system selects the most suitable
vendor/location for the product
based on Product cost + Shipping cost + Reimbursement rate

The system applies different Taxes
and Prices for different
locations or products

Delivery through

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