Middle PHP Developer



  • Income: $1500-$4500;
  • Base pay: $1000-$3000. It is set in the contract and depends on the level of the developer’s skills (Level 1-3);
  • Bonuses up to 50% ($750-$1500) of the base pay according to the contract for completed projects;
  • Opportunity to upgrade your skills as a developer (Level);
  • Regular review of the contract pay as you upgrade your Level;
  • Experience in a high load e-commerce project;
  • Contract with the American company;
  • Possibility to become a part of the team supporting the largest online store that sells performance and replacement auto parts, auto styling accessories, and products for auto and moto racing and is one of the top 5 leading stores in the U.S. and Canadian markets;
  • Favorable conditions to realize your ideas on process optimization and innovation;
  • Clear work rules;
  • Performance evaluation system;
  • Customer’s technical, informational, and organizational team support;
  • Customer’s high appreciation of your efforts;
  • Accurate timing, bonuses for tasks performed on time;
  • Possibility to participate in specialized conferences and seminars at the company’s expense.

Technologies: PHP 5, PHP7, MySQL; Frameworks: Symfony2+, ZF2+; ORM: Doctrine 2; Job Server: Gearman; Testing: PhpUnit, Codeception + Selenium; Redis, ELK Stack, Docker, GitLab.


  • Knowledge of programming languages and technologies: PHP7+, MySQL;
  • Understanding of the main principles of ООP. SOLID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI;
  • Work experience with the Git version control tool;
  • Work experience with Nginx;
  • Ability to write user/technical documentation;
  • Sufficient English language skills to read technical documentation.

Nice-to-have Skills:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, and React;
  • Work experience with Symphony 3/4, Doctrine 2, design patterns, Highload, and MySQL queries optimization, and NoSQL databases;
  • Experience of using the JIRA project management tool;
  • Understanding how CI/CD works;
  • Work experience with AeroSpike, Bitbucket, GitLab, CI/CD, and Docker;
  • Work experience with NoSQL repositories: MongoDB, Couchbase, and Solr.


  • Writing quality and readable code;
  • Participating in the development of high-load systems architecture;
  • Working with Senior PHP programmers to solve complex technical problems;
  • Code reviewing and providing help to Junior PHP programmers;
  • Working with QA on test plan creation;
  • Supporting technical documentation of your project.

About Us

The OLTIS company invites Middle PHP Developer to join the team of the largest international online project developed in Ukraine.
For 15 years, we have been developing and supporting a network of online stores, leading in automotive, motorcycle, powersports, boating, and other industries. We offer exclusive innovations and unique customer-oriented service for our partners. With our team, you will get valuable experience of working on the largest projects and solving problems in the field of software development.
If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to info@oltis.com