Middle Operation Engineer (Linux)


Our project is the largest online store that sells performance and replacement auto parts, auto styling accessories, and products for auto and moto racing and is one of the top 5 leading stores in the U.S. and Canadian markets

  • Experience in a high load e-commerce project;
  • Long-term cooperation;
  • Contract with the foreign customer;
  • Possibility to become a part of the professional team with common goals and principles;
  • Clear division of responsibilities;
  • Possibility to lead internal mini-projects;
  • Corporate professional development program and many opportunities for professional training;
  • Possibility to participate in specialized conferences and seminars at the company’s expense;
  • Workplace with modern technical equipment;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Free accounting consultation;
  • English language courses in the office.
Must Have:
  • 2 and more years of experience in supporting, managing, and monitoring remote Linux OS servers;
  • Work experience with one of the monitoring systems: Prometheus, Zabbix;
  • Work experience with web servers (LAMP, LEMP);
  • Work experience with MySQL database servers;
  • Work experience with the Git version control tool (GitLab/BitBucket);
  • Work experience with server configuration management tools like Puppet/Ansible;
  • Docker/LXC containerization;
  • Confident knowledge of English (at least an Intermediate level).
  • Certificates in specialized areas;
  • Experience of working with NoSql bases: Mongo/Elasticsearch/Redis;
  • Practical experience of writing scripts in Perl/Python.
  • Writing scripts and apps for routine tasks automation (Bash/Perl/Python/С++);
  • Writing manifests and playbooks for managing a large number of servers;
  • Developing Autodiscovery applications for the Zabbix Monitoring System;
  • Regular maintenance and updating of servers and services;
  • Service testing and troubleshooting;
  • Carrying out load testing of services and applications;
  • Conducting researches and testing to choose suitable technologies for completing assigned tasks;
  • Performing RCA;
  • Keeping records and updating databases.